The existence of socio economic data will make it easier to examine the development
both in terms of the process and the results already achieved as well as monitoring and
evaluation should be done. The various aspect of development regarding the fulfillment of
the basic needs, security, and employment opportunities need to be aware of its
development, in order for the “cake” of the developmet can be felt throughout the whole
National Socio Economic Survey (Susenas) is a great way to obtain and collect
socio-economic population data that include education, health/nutrition, housing
environment, crime, culture, household consumtion/expenditure, travel and public opinion.
The data collected will provide information of the particular socio-economic household
The publication of the 2012 people’s Welfare Statistics the presentation of the results
of the Susenas data have been collected and further processed. Data presented in the form of
a table of percentage and each table classify the population according to the type of area
and district. The presentation will help users in order to see the differences in the level of
welfare between different population group. On some of the reviews table data presented are
distinguished according to gender which is intended to see whether there are gender
differences on certain aspects.
Publication this publication is expected to help users easily find data for socio-
economic development of the population. Thank you to all those who have been doing
realizing this publication either directly or indirectly. Hopefully this publication is beneficial
for all in particular stakeholders.
Mamuju, Oktober 2013
BPS- Statistics Of Sulawesi Barat
Setianto, SE, M.Si
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